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About Us

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Who is Hype House Ventures and What is Hype Systems?

We're a Family-owned small business.

Eric is the Owner, setup with Andrea as CEO.

Our background ranges from Marketing Agency to FinTech; Tech Startup, to Software Developer. We've worked with or in just about every industry imaginable.

This particular Company was formed in 2018, however, we were only working with a select handful of Clients, as we handled all of their Marketing... and then Sales... and then Fulfillment & Client Retention. Being able to ensure that our Systems were in place, and complementary to each other was a big plus.

Pretty soon, though, we realized that we were essentially running these other companies, but not necessarily planning on working beyond a year, let alone two.

Our (albeit not clearly-communicated) expectation was that we should teach these other Companies how to do what we do, we'd build the systems, train up the staff, and they could take the reigns as soon as they were ready.

It got to the point where we started to think, "Well, hmm. There's got to be a better way to do this so that we can avoid painting ourselves into the corner of only being able to serve Clients that needed "full-service" business systems (and for an unlimited amount of time).

One of our Clients sold their Business, and had included the "Systems" but not the "purveyors" of those Systems (us) to the new Ownership Group, and so, "Ok," we thought. "Perhaps this would be a good time to rethink, reposition our strategy, and iterate."

In the midst of making a few relatively minor changes, and unknown to us...

2 days after our previously-mentioned Client had sold their Business, 2 of our other Clients had separately (we white-label our Services, typically, so these Clients hadn't met as far as we know) come to the same conclusion within 48 hours of each other: it's time for them to "pickup the reigns and take over".

Great, right? Just what we'd wanted?

Well, not exactly: the timing of it resulted in us losing 60% of our Business in less than a week, with all 3 Clients not providing any kind of advance warning (which, according to our agreement, was within their right to do so).

So, when the pain to change becomes less than the pain to remain the same, that's when most of us typically decide it's a good time (aka "our options have become very limited--due to poor planning and acting like temporary Consultants, instead of Business Partners--so... let's reinvent ourselves").

A completely new look....

So (by the way), you don't just wake up one day, and realize that you've stumbled into an 8-9-figure Business (ikr). The good news is that you can plan for it.

More good news, for us, at the time (when you could count the number of silver linings on one hand's-worth of fingers), was that Andrea was in a perfect place, as far as her experience, skill, and demeanor to move into "the C-Suite" and we were in desperate need of a CEO.

Not only that, but Eric had, in the previous few years, been training as a Software Developer and heading up an NFT Collection over in the "web 3" space, for the past year. He then went to a 4-month, Full-time, Full Stack Software Developer Bootcamp--which was very (technically) helpful.

Also, unexpectedly, it provided a fresh perspective on how to approach things (i.e. from an engineering perspective) as well as realizing that there's often no need to "invent" a function or library, as they're often already created.

The key is learning how and where to learn--and if that fails--learning who can and is perhaps willing to teach us?.

That's about the time that both Eric and Andrea (the husband and wife Team), along with 8-12 other (at any given moment) Employees, Team Members, contractors, and outsourced talent) had one of their (almost "routine" at this point) epiphanies:

  • We knew we needed to finally "iterate" (perhaps employing a pared-down version of the "sprints" within the Agile methodology that's popular among Software Companies?).

  • There was a lot of freedom within web 3 applications, but there wasn't yet any onboarding bridge between Web 2.0 (what we're all used to, with Social Media front and center, harvesting our vital organs, err--our "data".

  • Artificial Intelligence (Ai) had been making some incredible strides. Why not incorporate that, as a 24/7 "air traffic controller"...?

  • And how can we setup our "reset" iteration in such a way that we can service any-sized local Business (from one person, needing only a very small application--to Clients that're looking for any kind of edge that they can get, across their entire "stack" of Business Systems).

  • Once Ai apps started to hit the scene, the way forward--both for us and our Clients--was clear: we would build our own custom software suite, which would utilize Ai technology to handle as many already-built "System" as possible. This would then

[ sidenote: why so many parentheticals (parentheses) and asides--including this one? Well, a Company that uses so much Ai for everything has to write in stream-of-consciousness, sometimes, to show that it's really us that's writing it! Ok, shall we continue? ]

Hype House Venture's goal is meet with as many local Business Owners as possible, learn about their business(es), and their plans for growth.

Then, if those businesses already have achieved perfect efficiency, we'll use them as our new standard, while striving to emulate that Business.

If, however, like most the local businesses around you (including ours!), there's room to grow somewhere, then why wait?

The sooner you get started, the sooner you'll be viewing another dimension of what's possible--all while saving tremendous amounts of work.

No wonder you're able to siphon away all of those custom-approached Prospects with tailor-fit messaging designed to blow their socks right out their front door (ha! that sounds worse than it actually is!), and turn your competition's marketing into your own ATM.

By using our Hype Systems ™ Software...,

  • You're able to remove out the need to ever train up another new employee

  • To take another Client through E-SIGNing

  • You're able to eliminate every single task that's monotonous

  • Have your own "Executive Assistant" to pickup any and all slack (and even to post to Slack for you

  • and to even monitor activity, in order to help small businesses engage with their customers faster & easier to improve overall customer experience to help everyone grow.

  • And a whole host of other good stuff!

We Specialize

in Reviews & Messaging For Local Business

Hype House Venture's goal is to help small businesses engage with their customer's quicker & easier to improve overall customer experience to help everyone grow.

We Specialize in Creating More Business through:

Ai-Automations, Lead-Gen via Ads + Marketing, Reviews, & Messaging For Local Business

Hype House Venture's goal is to help small businesses engage with their customer's quicker & easier to improve overall customer experience to help everyone grow.

It's In The Numbers: Why You Would Choose Us


One-on-One Adds Up

In your first month, we'll meet with you once/week & then once/month and as-needed afterwards, to ensure we're up-to-date and on the same page with our Game Plan.


Experience Matters

Our Owners've been in Digital Marketing since '09--over 14 years. Most importantly, however: our entire Team is always learning & implementing new Tech.


The Fortune is in ...

You've heard this: only 2% of buyers make a decision on their "first touch". And: the entire catalyst for building our system--to level the playing field for you.


Is Your Business Working?

You may be giving it your all, but is your Business? We only partner with people that love what they do. Allow us to ensure you're able to do more of it. We'll get your Business to 💯

Our Mission & Values

Your Vision ...

  • Your Vision - We put your plans, your dreams, front and center! We listen to your needs, understand your vibe, and ask questions to learn what you want to do with your Business.

    We don't start to create marketing strategies until they're totally tailored to your biz. You're in charge, and we're here to help make your vision come to life. We're happy when you're happy.

  • Get Results - We're all about getting you real results that matter. We use data and analytics to drive our strategies ensuring you see that growth you're after >> from getting more people talking about your biz >> to making that dough roll in.

  • Fresh Ideas FTW - We stay ahead of the game with innovative and creative marketing approaches. From the latest trends to the coolest tech, we're always cooking up something fresh.

  • Turning Big Vision Into Action - We celebrate ambition and drive! We believe that dreaming big is just the beginning. We're all about taking action and making things happen.

    We're here to empower you with bold marketing strategies and proactive initiatives that help you achieve your goals.

    We're not afraid to push boundaries, take risks, and go the extra mile to help you turn your ambitious vision into a reality.

    Let's go beyond just talking about it. Let's plan and execute.
    Let's take action together!

Our mission is to

empower small, local businesses to compete with Big Business.

We believe the right tools, automation, ai aka the right Technology--coupled with a then freed-up ability to provide greater, more personal Service--is the way to compete with these faceless, value-less large Corporate conglomerates.

Want some specifics? I give you, our Values, built into the core of our Business, creating our Culture, consistently spoken about, & practiced. We're proud of them, and want you to have high expectations that we'll live (up to) them.

... Our Values

  • Balance is Everything - We believe in the power of work-life balance. We know that running a business can be intense, but we also understand the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

    We value and respect your personal time, well-being, and happiness, and we will create unique, inspired solutions that allow you to achieve success without sacrificing time unnecessarily.

    You do whatever you want with your freed-up time. We're here to support you in achieving your plan for balance (whether it's work hard now, so you can retire, or to cut your work day in half).

    Our tech will do a lot of heavy-lifting, allow you to thrive and live your best life! 

  • Local Love - We're all about supporting our local community! We dig deep into your local market and create campaigns that connect with your peeps. We want to see your business thrive right where you're at, in your local neighborhood!

  • Doing Right - We're all about doing things the right way. We follow ethical marketing practices and play by the rules. We believe in integrity, honesty, and doing what's right for your Company and our community.

Our Standards

We've Got You

Our tech and our copy is always real-time relevant. Forget about trying to keep up. You'll be the one making the news itself, and gaining an army of new fans and followers because you (used the right tools) to custom-fit and tailor your marketing messages after utilizing our software to it's fullest possible extent.

Exponential Growth

Our main focus is to provide you with Leads, Tools, and Time, so that you can grow faster.

Perpetually Positive Impact

We want to help you amplify the positive impact that you have in your community.


Hype House tools give you the support to perform at your best at all times.

Multidisciplinary Team

From Ownership on down--we're highly diverse in both skills and Culture.

Cutting-Edge Technology

We're constantly updating our tech and our techniques. Lifetime free updates.

Copyright Hype Systems © 2023 -- All Rights Reserved ®

We’re on a mission to build a better future where technology creates opportunity for everyone.

Copyright Hype Systems © 2023 -- All Rights Reserved

We’re on a mission to build a better future where technology creates opportunity for everyone.